Grease is a leading cause of sanitary sewer overflows. And when it happens, it disrupts your business and can have a long-lasting impact on your hard-earned reputation. Sewer backup can also increase health risks and pollute our water supply. Liquid Environmental Solutions helps prevent these disruptions by regularly cleaning your grease traps. In addition, we “jet” related flow pipes to prevent untreated wastewaters from entering our neighborhoods and waterways. This not only protects your business and the environment, it reduces your liabilities and costs by preventing costly clean-ups from blockages and overflows.

  1. Your kitchen’s complete plumbing system, including sinks, dishwashers, floor-drains and mop-sinks, drains into the grease trap or grease interceptor system.
  2. Wastewater flows into either an interior or exterior (usually in-ground) grease trap system. A baffle separates the inlet and outlet of the trap, keeping grease in.
  3. Grease floats to the top of the grease trap, while solids settle on the bottom. The trap or interceptor must be vacuum pumped regularly by a skilled service provider to remove the entire contents of the trap.
  4. Clean water then continues to flow into your sewer or septic system.

Preventive and routine maintenance includes regularly scheduled clean-outs of grease traps, lift stations, and storm drains; and drain line cleaning and high pressure jetting of interior and exterior plumbing lines.

Effective results. We prevent odor problems and health hazards associated with blockages; prevent discharge of grease, oil and food solids into the sewer; promote efficient flow of grease and waste water.